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So, what’s your Story?

Apr 24, 2021 by admin - 0 Comments

And what is your story?

This is one of my most favorite questions to ask people. Not only is it an open-ended question, but it more often than not gets the person to really tell me something that isn’t just surface level fluff.

So often we may get bogged down with trying to keep up and maintain every single thing that is associated with being an independent artist that we forget in integral aspect to our real reason for pursuing our passion… to create & connect. In the midst of posting to IG, livestreaming on YouTube, taking pictures of yourself being creative, making some poll on Twitter to generate engagement, and on and on and on – you forget that the main thing folks want from you is just you. But again, we’re all so busy trying to make sure all the plates are spinning that we forget the small detail of not having enough hands to spin all the plates with.

Your fans want to know what’s your story. Meaning, what makes you do what you do? Have you ever had your soul beat up by an unforeseen event? Why do you have that lisp and how have you made it not be a hurdle in pursuing your artistry, or do you still consider it a hurdle? These are some of the things that people actually want from an artist, not just another foodie picture on IG (unless of course you are a foodie in which case having lots of food-related pictures is part of your story).

If I for example mention that one of the reasons I make beats like this one is because I went to private school as a child and was exposed to a lot of liturgical music, then it would start to add to my ‘narrative’ as far as what comprises some of my influences as a beatmaker/producer. That little extra detail alone now begins to add another shade to the mosaic that comprises Duplicuts. Now other connections can begin to unfold based on that one detail and you can see how it’ll lead to other things and perhaps even further exploration.

So while I’m not saying don’t post your foodie pics, just remember that your fans want to know your story over everything else.

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✨ Let’s collab!!! ✨

Oct 19, 2020 by admin - 0 Comments

This is a brief post going out to all the dancers/rappers/singer-songwriters who have downloaded any of my beats in the past… let’s collab! 

You’ve already downloaded a beat or two from me which I am super thankful for, but it doesn’t have to stop there right? Need a version of a beat without the bassline on that hook? What about a dancehall version of this Hip hop beat you got last month? Let’s get to work and keep the energy goin’! This is not just about music, it’s about creating an environment and a community of artists thriving for the highest resolution art possible.

So if you’re down to forge phenomenal art and moments – HIT ME UP and lets WORK!


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🎯 Steady, aimed, and focus 🎯

Aug 20, 2020 by admin - 0 Comments

In these times of COVID-19 it’s easy to either get lost and lose focus on what your purpose is, OR, drill down even more and get hyper focused.

I know sometimes it’s easy to fall into one or several of the following ideas:

  • “The market is too saturated”
  • “Unless you KNOW someone, you haven’t a chance in the music industry”
  • “How am I supposed to compete with the already established stars…”

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. But remember that at one point no one knew who Jay-Z was. As a matter of fact in the beginning, no one would even sign him to a record deal (which is how & why Roc-A-Fella records started). Russ, J. Cole, Kanye… these are ALL artists who at one point or another no one knew or even worse, dismissed without a second thought. Now yes, these artists all worked really really REALLY hard to get to where they are, but that’s the point. Without dedicated hard work, the likelihood is that nothing will pop off for you. That’s the hard truth. And for all you know, you may put in that work, and STILL feel like nothing is really poppin off. But I know I’d rather incur the battle scars on my body because I refused to not put up a fight, instead of live my life without a scratch because I chose to be a spectator the whole time just standing by on the sidelines. Sure there have been times that I’ve wondered of anyone would vibe to my beats (like this latest one), but you know what? If I don’t push forward, how will I know?

So in these times where everything seems upside down and there’s so much uncertainty… don’t give up on yourself. Instead, why don’t you bet on yourself. Now’s the time to really push through it all. Let the world know just who the F**K you are!

Stay on your grind!!!