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Once a creative…

Dec 13, 2020 by admin - 0 Comments


I tend to look at things just a little bit differently. Perhaps not in a sense that’s considered radical or anything, but just differently enough that it would place me in the overall ‘odd’ or ‘askew’ category in life. It never really bothered me because I didn’t even see it as something of an issue quite honestly. But looking back, it’s probably one of the the reasons why things like skateboarding, Hip-hop culture, and so many other things appealed to my senses. Things that sprung out of an ethos of ‘doing-things-MY-way’. In Hip-hop culture, it wasn’t the norm to put the needle on the record and walk away from it. It was the norm the put the needle on the record and manipulate the record in ways never before imagined. We took a regular run-of-the-mill spray can that no one gave a second thought to, and made sheer art. Skateboarding took a handrail, made to assist you in descending/climbing staircases, and said “nah, this is how were going to utilize this” and proceeded to create their own art & artists.

So whether it’s putting together an unusal outfit for yourself or making a beat like this with odd Gregorian chants, keep that creative spark about yourself because once a creative, always a creative.


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